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About Theresa Werba

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Theresa Werba the author of seven books, four in poetry: Jesus and Eros: Sonnets, Poems and Songs (Bardsinger Books, 2015), Longer Thoughts (Shanti Arts, 2020), Sonnets (Shanti Arts 2020) and What Was and Is: Formal Poetry and Free Verse (Bardsinger Books, 2024). Her work has appeared in such journals as The Scarlet Leaf Review, The Wilderness House Literary Review, Spindrift, Mezzo Cammin, The Wombwell Rainbow, Fevers of the Mind, The Art of Autism, Serotonin, The Road Not Taken, and the Society of Classical Poets Journal. Werba holds a Bachelor of Arts in vocal music performance from Skidmore College and a Master of Music with distinction in voice pedagogy and performance from Westminster Choir College. Her work ranges from forms such as the ode and sonnet to free verse, with topics ranging from neurodivergence, love, loss, aging, to faith and disillusionment and more.


In her book When Adoption Fails: Abuse, Autism, and the Search for My Identity discloses the history about  her life as an undiagnosed autistic adoptee, who endured an abusive home and found both her birth mother and father. In Warning Signs of Abuse she gives help for women in the beginning stages of an abusive relationship.

Her upcoming book Finally Autistic: Finding My Autism Diagnosis as a Middle-Aged Female she shares the story of her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood as an undiagnosed autistic female who received her autism diagnosis at the age of 55. 

Her recording Lullabies: Traditional American and International Songs may be found on streaming services. Werba is the joyful mother of six children and grandmother to seven. Find Theresa Werba at and on social media @thesonnetqueen.

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